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Have You Been Charged With A DWI? A Skilled Lawyer Is Key.

If you are facing a DWI charge, having an attorney you can trust is crucial. Jeff Hohl, the founder of Hohl Law Firm, PLLC, has helped countless clients throughout Texas. As a former prosecutor, he brings tremendous knowledge to each case. He also is not afraid to take a case to trial if he knows it is what will help someone reach the best possible result. Known for being ethical and intentional, he is a criminal defense lawyer who is here to protect your rights.

Understanding The Potential Consequences

A DWI charge can impact all areas of your life. For some, it could mean losing your job. This is why proper representation is imperative. As your lawyer, Mr. Hohl is dedicated to building a strong defense strategy. This is because the consequences can be severe. If convicted, you may be looking at the following:

  • First offense: up to a $2,000 fine and 180 days in jail. Other factors may increase a first offense to a higher punishment range.
  • Second offense: up to a $4,000 fine and a year in jail.
  • Third offense: up to a $10,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison.
  • A transportation code traffic fee may also be assessed in a DWI case.

Things become even more complicated when there are other factors involved. For example, if there is a child in the vehicle, the charge may be increased from a misdemeanor to a felony. No matter what you are going through, Mr. Hohl is here. He offers compassionate, straight-forward advice and will clearly explain his thought process. Remember that you do not have to go through this alone. An experienced criminal defense attorney can make all the difference.

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Mr. Hohl knows how overwhelming a DWI charge can be. That is why it is best to seek legal counsel sooner rather than later. To schedule your free initial consultation, call his office at 210-756-8402 today. You can also fill out his contact form online. He helps clients throughout Bexar County and surrounding counties.