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During A Criminal Case, You Need A Skilled Lawyer

As a former prosecutor, Jeff Hohl, founder of Hohl Law Firm, PLLC, is very familiar with the criminal justice system. When dealing with criminal charges, this knowledge is crucial. He has represented clients throughout Texas who needed help building a strong defense strategy. He knows that your future, your reputation, your family and potentially your career are on the line and will do everything he can to advocate for your best interests.

The Right Attorney Can Make All The Difference

While Mr. Hohl has a history as a prosecutor, he also has experience going to trial as a defense lawyer. Knowing how both sides work during every step of the process is something that sets his firm apart. He is known for being professional and intentional and will do everything he can to reach a favorable solution. He remains dedicated to his clients from beginning to end. To read about his qualifications, you can click on his biography below:

When it comes to criminal cases, strategy is key. After examining all parts of your case, Mr. Hohl will take the time to tailor his defense to the specifics of your situation. From misdemeanors to felonies, he has handled cases of all shapes and sizes. Without a strong lawyer by your side, you could be giving up the everyday freedoms you are used to. Trust a compassionate defense attorney to advocate for you when it matters most.

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Time is of the essence. To schedule a free consultation, call 210-756-8402 or fill out his contact form online today. Mr. Hohl helps clients throughout Bexar County and surrounding counties.