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As a former prosecutor, criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey Hohl understands how to create a strategy that protects your best interests.

Leveraging A Background In Prosecution To Provide The Best Possible Defense

Former prosecutor, Jeffrey Hohl, founded Hohl Law Firm, PLLC, because he is passionate about protecting your rights. After serving the state of Texas as a prosecutor for seven years, Mr. Hohl has seen nearly every type of criminal case from the other side of the courtroom.

He possesses an intimate understanding of the prosecution’s strategies that gives his criminal defense clients an edge. As a seasoned trial lawyer with experience handling cases ranging from class C misdemeanors to first-degree felonies, he has the skills and knowledge necessary to protect your best interests every step of the way.

Protecting The Rights Of Clients Throughout The San Antonio Area, Bexar County And The Surrounding Counties

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Advocating For Your Rights To Protect Your Future

Facing a criminal charge can be overwhelming. A felony conviction could severely damage your career and reputation. Even a misdemeanor could have long-lasting effects. You’re likely worried about your reputation and the social stigma that could follow if others find out.

This is why contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible is so important. The sooner Mr. Hohl begins working on the case, the more leverage he has to craft a defense to mitigate the long-term negative impact criminal charges could have.

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A Defense Strategy As Unique As You Are

Moving Past This Difficult Time Starts With A Thorough And Effective Defense